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We work towards global prosperity by connecting  businesses in Suriname  to international markets by  making trade more sustainable, inclusive and digital.

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The timber industry in Suriname aims to sustainably harvest and process high-quality hardwoods from the country’s abundant tropical forests. The project’s goal is to provide a steady supply of high-quality timber to international markets while promoting economic growth and preserving the ecological integrity of the forest.

The agro-industry in Suriname is an important sector of the country’s economy, contributing significantly to its food security and exports. The country has abundant arable land, a favorable climate, and abundant water resources, making it ideal for agricultural production.

The Mineral industry in Suriname benefits from the country’s abundant natural resources, including bauxite, gold, and other minerals, as well as its favorable location near major shipping routes and its access to international markets. The sector has received increasing attention from international investors and development organizations in recent years.

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